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A Little Girl Finds Out News That Makes Her Cry

Being an only child can be all fun in the beginning, because no one can mess up with your toys or can compete with you for your parents’ love; kids logic. But when you grow up, you realize that a sibling is more than needed. Whether it is to support you or cover for you occasionally.
This little girl, who is tree years old, was about to find out if she will be an older sibling to a sister or to a brother. She was hoping for a baby sister. Her mum handles her envelope, which had a colored letter inside; blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

The little girl is excited to open the envelope, only to find out that she will be having a little brother.

To her mum’s surprise, she starts crying right away. It was clear that she was not happy with the gender of her soon-to-be-born sibling.

Her mum tries to calm her down, showing her the candies she’s put on the card, but she couldn’t care less. She keeps saying “I want it to be a girl; a want a little girl”, while shedding tears of disappointment.
Eventually she agrees to eat the candies and stop crying. But she keeps saying that she doesn’t love her baby brother.

Let’s hope she will change her mind once her sibling is born, otherwise there may be a lot of work for their parents to make things work between the kids.

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