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A Stranger Helps Her Out, Three Years Later She Pays Him Back Unknowingly

Judy Wright was a lady that was suffering complications from her battle with Parkinson’s decease. As her condition was getting worse, the family hired a medical care at home to look after her. The person they hired cancelled, so a woman called TunDe filled her place.
TunDe was taking a great care of Judy, and her help was deeply appreciated by both Judy and her husband. They called their son Chris to meet her, as they were in love with what a great person she was.

When they met, TunDe started sharing a story that had happened to her three years ago. She was running out of gas, and had only five dollars in her pocket. A stranger so her struggling, which made him stop, pay for her gas and give her some money.
When Chris heard the story, he couldn’t believe it. He told TunDe and his family that he is the stranger that helped her out.
While TunDe was taking care of Judy when she was alive, the family got to know more about her. She hoped to finish the nursing school and one day become an OBGYN nurse. But her tuition was past due as she had a family to provide for.

After Judy’s death, her family decided to do something for her guardian angel. They started an online fund raising, asking people to donate to TunDe’s education, and help her pay for nursing school and make her dream come true.
They have raised over $30.000 and the amount is constantly increasing, as more people are hearing TunDe’s story and are willing to help her. They wrote a big letter of appreciation to TunDe, thanking her for the amazing care she’s looked after Judy.

TunDe’s reaction is so emotional, as she bursts into tears of happiness, knowing that her dream is on its way to becoming true in a very near future.

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