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From the verge of being homeless to the full scholarships of their dream colleges

Two brothers, Alex (18) and Ayrton (16), have gone viral with their videos of when they got accepted to Harvard and Stanford, respectively, with full scholarships. They say these two colleges were they dreams coming true.

Ellen Degeneres invited the two brothers to her show, because she says their story is incredible. They were raised by a single mum, and they were on verge of being homeless for almost their entire life. Their mum barely made it from paycheck to paycheck, offering her sons a home with no food, or heat. They would leave their oven on so the oven burners could help them be a little warm.

They had a little brother who passed away several years ago. But despite all the struggles and the hard life, Alex and Ayrton never gave up from school and learning. They promised themselves that they will be the best students they can, as that was their ticket out of the life they had. They were one less problem for their mum, who did not have to worry if her kids will take a wrong direction in their lives. She says that she is proud of her sons, who maintained the highest GPAs in their classes no matter what.

When asked where they see themselves after they graduate, Alex said that he hopes to work for Google someday, while Ayrton’s dream job is working in Wall Street. Besides their dream jobs, they both want to start non-profits that will help other kids who are in the same situation that they were. Ayrton says that he will be the help that his mum never had while raising them.
Ellen surprised Alex and Ayrton with fully equipped dorms, including Netflix subscriptions and Ikea checks, and she gave their mum a check of 20,000 dollars. Their excitement and screams of joy is the best indicator of what a hard life these three have gone through, and how far the education has helped them come.

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