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Homeless Man Finds A $10,000; This Is What He Does With It

Roberta Hoskie lost a check for $10,000. She dropped it somewhere in the streets of New Haven, without even realizing it. The check was inside an envelope, which luckily was found by a homeless man, called Elmer Alvarez.

Alvarez found a phone number on the check and with someone else’s help called its owner. Hoskie was so happy and thankful, and she went live on Facebook when she met the man who found her check. She was so touched that she wrote him a check, and promised him that she will help him get some education.
Two weeks later, Hoskie showed Alvarez how much she appreciated his good deed. First, she gave him a certificate of appreciation to recognize his honesty.

After that, she offered him a full scholarship to the Outreach School of Real Estate, where she is the President and the CEO. She also offered him lessons for his English to improve, carrier consulting and an interview for a job.
Hoskie was homeless herself, so she made sure Alvarez knew how much it meant to her that a homeless man returned a check of that amount.
She continued her surprises to Alvarez by offering him an apartment, paying his rent for the first 6 months. Alvarez burst into tears when he realized that he won’t be living in the streets during the winter.

“She’s giving me the push. I’m going to go for it,” said Alvarez. “I’m going to take it from here.”
“There was a time in my life where I wouldn’t be able to give anything,” said Hoskie. “To be able to be in a position to give, it’s so heartfelt.”

She is an incredible person who never forgot where she came from. She helped Alvarez, and told him that the only way he can pay her back is by paying it forward when he can.

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